Self Load Commercial

We offer the best service in self load container, by following a few simple steps you won't even realize how quickly and easy we can relocate your entire house with less hassle. Once you book a move with us we deliver the empty container to your home, we leave the container on the ground and let you load it as it suits you. Once the loading has finished and container is ready to travel, our experienced staff comes and lift the container back on the truck and we send it to your final destination for delivery. At the delivery point we again leave the container on the ground for few days for you to unload and once empty we arrange the collection at a time convenient to you and take the container back to our depot. In the event where you wish to store your goods during transit time for reason such as "your new home is not ready as planned" we do have storage options available for both short and long term storage.

Moving to a different state

We offer services everywhere in Australia. If you wish to relocate to another state, we can surely make it happen for you. This service is called interstate relocation. There are two ways to complete this service. By rail or by road. We have very good relationship with rail terminals in our country which makes it easier and convenient option to send containers to other states. With this option you again have wisdom to load the container yourself. We deliver the container for you to load and once it is ready to travel we arrange the relocation as agreed by road or by rail for you and once the container arrives at the destination, we deliver it to your house and collect empty once ready.

Good on money and peace of mind

Our self move option is very popular as it gives you the freedom to load the container the way you want it and you are under no pressure to finish it in one day. Self load is also known as a very good option for relocation as you save on costs to hire removalist / packer and loading crew. With this option there is less financial burden on you.

Our special container

Like all other removal companies in the business, we use 20ft and 40ft containers for transport. All our containers come with wooden floor and tie locks. With these special features you receive more guarantee towards safe travel of the freight. Wooden floor containers are in high demand as it ensures the safety of legs of the furniture from breaking whereas containers with metal jagged floor has more possibilities of the damage. Using tie locks while loading insures the less movement in the container while its travelling. All our containers have air vents which helps with air circulation while goods packed tight in the container which is good for furniture and other items. These containers are also good if you wish to store your goods whether for a period of as minimum as 1 week to as long as 10 + years.

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